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Online Casinos - Read this first

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This forum is especially created in order to divide gambling experiences per online casino. Please make sure you read this topic before posting anything.

The idea is that all experiences regarding one online casinos will be gathered in topics specifically created for that casino. (For example - there will be topics about casino A, B and C. If you're a player at Casino A and want to share an experience - post it in the topic about Casino A.) Each topic is a place where you can share your experience with that casino, whether you've just signed up or you have been playing there for years. Share information about registration, welcome bonuses, terms & conditions, withdrawals, big wins and losses.

To keep a clean overview we ask everyone to double check whether a topic about the casino you wish to write about already exists before creating one.


  • Double topics may be removed. 
  • This forum is not intended for serious problems or complaints. If you've experienced a genuine issue at one of the casinos please post it in the problems and complaints forum which is where we can help you find a solution. 
  • We understand you might be frustrated about a negative experience you may have had. Sharing is caring, but keep it clean. If we believe your language is abusive or insulting we will remove your post. 

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